May 25, 2009

I'm scrapbooking!

I have just not been feeling very creative in a while and I was getting a little depressed and disappointed in myself. I got to thinking about when I was scrapbooking and my pages were pretty good! At least I thought so! Anyway, I needed to boost my ego a bit so I started flipping through my albums and I decided that maybe if I scrapped, I would get inspired. Now, I haven't scrapped in for-ev-ah! (At least 3 years! OMG!!) I decided this weekend I was going to do it. I had 3 (almost brand new) Creative Memories album coverlets to fill (plus 1 black one with a picture thing on the cover I bought to put my wedding pics in) and since CM finally changed their albums to a true 12 x 12, I needed to figure out how many packs of pages I was going to have to buy before they retired them. Well, I just wanted to scrap! So, I put 3 of my old albums into the new ones and I am saving the old ones in case I need to re-arrange the other 3 old ones I have. Problem solved. Now, I don't have to buy any more "old" pages and I can use the ones I have to finally do my Wedding Album! I started it yesterday and I am so excited because I am almost finished! It might take me the rest of the week though because I do have to work! Ugh! It is going fairly smooth because I am sticking with a theme. The hardest part is picking the pictures! Actually, the hardest part is looking at these 16 year old pictures and realizing I don't look the same!! I will post pictures soon!! Here's a sneak peak - our "unconventional Wedding" Portrait! Thanks for listening!

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