November 22, 2011

Letter to Santa Kits now available!!


back of kit.
I told you these were cute!! If you are interested in purchasing some of these kits send me an e-mail since I don't have Paypal yet.  The kits are $3.00 + $1.50 shipping.  I absolutely love them!! Each kit comes with the "letter" to Santa, a pencil and an envelope.  Makes it so easy for your little ones to get their letters to Santa right away and the special Santa stamp ensures it won't get lost in the mail! *wink*

November 18, 2011

Letter to Santa Kits are coming soon!!!

I did not come up with the idea, and if I knew who did I would definitely give her (probably not a him!) credit where credit is due!! These little kits are so cute! My mom found these little kits at a craft show and I put my "Stampin' Up!" spin on them!  So, if you have little ones that are ready to write their wish lists to Santa, check back in a few days! Ho!Ho!Ho!

September 29, 2011

September 24, 2011

Baby Girl....

So, last year I made wedding accessories for my niece Cortney, and today I attended a baby shower for her!  Here is the card I made.  One of my favorites! I love mono color cards!

September 14, 2011

I'm Back!

(Warning...this may be a looooong post!) You may have noticed that I have updated my blog banner and background recently and sidebars, etc., but that is about the extent of my blogging in a long, long time! Since last I posted (yes....7 months or so!) there has been alot going on!! I can't even begin to recap the last 7 months in detail as it has been soooooooo crazy!! Here are the bullets:
  • we finished the "office" and immediately found out we had to move (after 16 years)
  • youngest daughter got engaged!!!
  • we moved
  • took months to settle in
  • I had foot surgery
  • off work for 8 weeks
  • we finished the "new office"
  • I go back to work Monday :(
  • I really didn't craft or otherwise create anything in almost all that time!
  • now we have a wedding to plan (and pay for!)
So, the new office (what we now call the "Command Center") is finished and I will be posting pictures hopefully next week.  I was able to get some card making done just recently while I was off my feet. I can't post a couple of them until I give them to their recipients! Now that most of my stuff is now organized, I hope to make more stuff and blog more often!! Although it seems that all I do is organize, re-organize, buy more stuff and organize again.  This is probably why I have so much retired DSP paper!! I need to have a workshop or something and start selling stuff!!! (To support my SU! habit, if nothing else!)

Here are a couple of the cards & (and other stuff) I made! I hope you like them!!
I love this!!
I Like this one, too!

I made one for Mom, too!

A card sketch from "Papercrafts Card Makers" magazine
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