September 14, 2011

I'm Back!

(Warning...this may be a looooong post!) You may have noticed that I have updated my blog banner and background recently and sidebars, etc., but that is about the extent of my blogging in a long, long time! Since last I posted (yes....7 months or so!) there has been alot going on!! I can't even begin to recap the last 7 months in detail as it has been soooooooo crazy!! Here are the bullets:
  • we finished the "office" and immediately found out we had to move (after 16 years)
  • youngest daughter got engaged!!!
  • we moved
  • took months to settle in
  • I had foot surgery
  • off work for 8 weeks
  • we finished the "new office"
  • I go back to work Monday :(
  • I really didn't craft or otherwise create anything in almost all that time!
  • now we have a wedding to plan (and pay for!)
So, the new office (what we now call the "Command Center") is finished and I will be posting pictures hopefully next week.  I was able to get some card making done just recently while I was off my feet. I can't post a couple of them until I give them to their recipients! Now that most of my stuff is now organized, I hope to make more stuff and blog more often!! Although it seems that all I do is organize, re-organize, buy more stuff and organize again.  This is probably why I have so much retired DSP paper!! I need to have a workshop or something and start selling stuff!!! (To support my SU! habit, if nothing else!)

Here are a couple of the cards & (and other stuff) I made! I hope you like them!!
I love this!!
I Like this one, too!

I made one for Mom, too!

A card sketch from "Papercrafts Card Makers" magazine

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