January 6, 2010

I finally placed my Order!

Well, I waited and waited and waited to place my order for items from the new Mini. And I waited soooo long that I ended up ordering nearly everything (Shhhhh.....) Well, maybe not everything, but enough that I qualified for 6 Sale-a-bration items. 6!!!!! You do the math! I can't believe it! (Well, I can believe it-I just can't believe I'm blabbing about it!) I am and always will be my own best customer. Oh, well. Let's just hope I can create something with all that new stuff! That's another story. I haven't made anything since Thanksgiving. I am sure that big box of new stuff will inspire me! I can't wait!

If you haven't recieved your new catalogs yet, just click on the pictures on the left side of my blog to download them. There has been a delay in the mailing of the catalogs. Click here to order!

I'll be back next week after Mr. Brown drops off my box! In the meantime, maybe I will play with my MDS. Toodles!

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