June 13, 2009

Wedding Flowers & Memories

I got to thinking that...this world, despite its size, is actually quite small. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the bride who is not getting married until 6/27 and she doesn't know about this gift. Even though very few people at this point read my humble little blog, it is actually quite possible SOMEBODY will recognize the pictures in this bouquet. So, I am removing the picture until 6/27/09 so I don't ruin the present. Check back then and I will re-post it. Thanks for understanding! I was just so excited to share, I forgot it's a surprise...duh!

This is what I have been busy doing (well, besides working!) My friend Mickey, the one I made this paper bouquet for, wanted me to make a paper bouquet for her niece who is getting married this month. She thought it would be a great way to have her niece's mother, who's deceased, at her wedding. I absolutely love the way this turned out! The picture just does not do it justice! It is so pretty! There are just a few pictures of her mother, so not all the flowers are covered in pictures. I think it is such a great idea! I hope she likes it! I used my Big Shot of course, and the Flower Layers #3 die and Flower Daisies #2 die.

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